A Gorgeous Bride in Central Florida at JW Marriott

We just photographed Katie and Sho’s wedding here in Orlando about a month ago.  I took this solo shot of Katie and never got to post it.  Katie was one of those go-with-the-flow kind of brides and I absolutely loved covering her on her wedding day.  Here’s my 28 image brenizer image taken that day.

Tech Babble:

This image was taken with a Sigma 50mm lens shot wide open at f/1.4.  This is a 28 image photograph using the brenizer method.  It’s a technique introduced by Ryan Brenizer.

Here is a brief description according to Wikipedia:  “It is characterized by the creation of a digital image exhibiting a shallow depth of field in tandem with a wide angle of view by use ofpanoramic stitching techniques applied to portraiture. The combination of these characteristics enables a photographer to mimic the look of large format film photography with a digital camera. Large format cameras use a negative that is at least 4×5 inches (102×127 mm) and are known for their very shallow depth of field when using a wide aperture and their unique high level of clarity, contrast and control. Image sensor formats of common digital cameras, in comparison, are much smaller, ranging down to the tiny sensors in camera phones.[1] The Brenizer method increases the effective sensor size of the camera, simulating the characteristics of large format photography.[2]

I used photoshop to automate the photostitch.  Added a Portra 800 feel using Lightroom and decreased the grain a bit.  I love her subtle look here and her straight face thoughtful look just leaves you wondering what’s on her mind before she goes off to get married.

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