A Day After Session in Debary | One Image Preview

I had a great time working with Shaul and Matt, a powerful couple with so much personality!  We joked about her feeling like a princess in the woods, but Shaul, you totally rocked this image!!  Thank you for being so patient with the heat and the bugs that day!

Tech Babble:

To get the drama out of this image I used a Canon 24mm lens shot almost wide open at f/1.8.  Taken really low to the ground and exposed for the highlights on Shaul’s face.  Exposing for the white as some say gets everything else looking right, like the shadows and blacks in the image.  Add a little vignette, bump the clarity and sharpening, I also threw in a little Portra 800 look but cut back on the grain to keep the image looking clean and modern gets this image where I want it.  I’m a fan of the film color but I want my images to be a bit more modern and at the same time timeless, I don’t go too far on the film replication.


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