An Engagement Session Shot with a Point ‘n Shoot

Who says you can’t photograph professionally with your wife’s camera? Not to be misleading ladies, but my wife’s camera happens to be a Sony point ‘n shoot.  And that’s exactly what I did with this shoot.  I took it right out of her bag and met up with Jessica+Vic (current wedding clients of mine) and shot their engagement session.  So why did I do this you might ask.  I want to show to everyone that photographs aren’t all about the type of gear you have, or don’t have.  Everyone can be a photographer and everyone can enjoy this passion and love of art that we all have.  So ladies, and gentlemen, and all you kids out there, take out your iPhones, droids, and point ‘n shoots; and start taking pictures!  What’s next?  They say you can’t possibly shoot a wedding with one, I say just watch me.  Lol.  Other than the image of the Sony camera… all images taken with this Sony RX100M3.


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