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What is considered Good Wedding Photography???

What is considered good Wedding Photography???

Great Art is in the eye of the beholder, that being said you have to be your own critic when it comes to finding great work. The price is one way a lot of consumers make a mistake in judgment. While yes it is true, most good photographers are expensive, but that’s because of supply and demand. Some good ones out there just have poor marketing plans and are hard to find while others may have great marketing and networking skills but aren’t as great.

Recommendations are great, but who are they coming from and why?  The best referrals are from past brides themselves.  The worst ones are probably from industry vendors like Wedding Planners, Event/Reception Coordinators, and your local florist.  Why is this so?  Because of money.  Vendor referrals are a lot like Physician referrals.  They may like the person they are sending clients to, they may like the referrals that come back their way because of you, but do they really like their work enough to want them to do their own surgery, or in this case photograph their own wedding??   That’s the REAL question when getting referrals from other wedding Vendors.  “Would you let them shoot your wedding?” If they can answer that with a straight face then you might just be on to something.  Try it, you’ll see..

Where do I stand in this?? I’m a mix of both worlds.  I’m not the easiest to find as of yet but I’m also not that needy for work either.  I’d like to be easier to find and I too would like my calendar to be a bit more booked at times but I Love what I do and I won’t compromise my passion for anybody.  My workflow is slower because I sit in front of an editing screen and stare at my own work for hours.  It sounds a little arrogant but I Love what I do and I love what I produce.  I still strive to get better and look for ways to evolve.  I’m also still marketing and also even networking.  We photographers need to pay bills too so we all fall victim to a Preferred Vendor List.  Haha!  I still believe in my vendors as great professionals and I wouldn’t recommend anyone I wouldn’t recommend to my own family members.

Go out and look around, take your time, someone will catch your eye, your rapport will build easily, and you’ll love their work.  It’s a combination of everything that makes a Good Wedding Photographer.


by Norman Yu

a warm christmas in orlando..

I had the pleasure to shoot the Escarchas during christmas week.  Diana + Allen were a great bride and groom last month and they wanted more photography for their family.  These were taken at Lake Eola in Orlando.  A fun group and a happy grandma made this a very special occasion.  Thanks Diana and Allen for bringing me back for more, we love you guys and hope you and your family a very special Christmas and a Happy New Year’s!  Enjoy!