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Merry Christmas + Soon to be New Year!


If you’re wondering what those images are below our Holiday Photo Contest is under way!  If you haven’t voted

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Shooting the Angle.. how NYU does it.


When I look thru the viewfinder of my Canon 5D I see what everyone else sees, a subject of some sort.  I look again and this time I see something different.  I push the shutter button half way down with my my right pointer finger, wait for the focus, and snap that shutter button all the way down.  I keep shooting one or two more clicks, a couple more variations each with it’s own double clicks, and then finally I might look down at the review screen.  “YES! I GOT IT!” I think to myself for half of a second and move on to the next shot.

People ask all the time, how do you see these shots, how do you see something I didn’t see?  There’s no secret to my madness nor is there any magic or science behind it.  I just take what I see.  Simple.  To elaborate more on it I can add a few more sentences or even a paragraph.

I guess what I really do is I take a look into that viewfinder and take the BIG picture in.  I take everything I see, starting with the most obvious and moving on down to the tiniest details of what’s there.  Take one shot of the obvious if it’s a wedding or portrait shoot and then move back down to the smallest detail in the subject.  Looking at that atom like subject just start thinking BIG, think huge!  Take that small detail and blow it up into a million details.  Think out side of the box, inside the box, on the other side of the box.  Just keep looking at what’s inside the box from every point of view.  Don’t think about time because when you’re looking at something this tiny time moves a lot slower and time is only as big as this micron like detail.  They say a picture says a thousand words, I guarantee you that when you look at things at this level you can take that 1000 word picture and blow it up into 10,000 or even a 100,000!  You’ll have this picture saying a million words by the time you’re done with it.  Then move on to the next BIG picture.  That’s what truly makes an amazing image, the details.


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Groom 101: The 2nd Commandment – Plan your ceremony: Brides Too!

Plan your ceremony – Celebrate your beliefs and backgrounds


Once you’ve discovered your top-ten priorities, it’s time to share your thoughts about your ceremony. If you and your fiancée share similar beliefs and backgrounds you may find it easy to decide on the type of ceremony you want. If not, some soul searching may be in order.  Before you make any assumptions that could get you into trouble down the road, sit down with your fiancée and ask yourselves the following questions.

  • Is having a religious ceremony important to you?
  • Do you want to get married in a house of worship?
  • Do you share the same religious faith?
  • Are there specific religious or cultural traditions that you want your fiancée to participate in?
  • Is your partner comfortable with your ideas?

If you both answered “yes” to all of the above questions, you’re having a classic ceremony and the details should be easy to plan for. Start by contacting your religious officiant of choice as soon as you announce your engagement.  If you both answered “no” to questions number one and two, than you’re having a personalized ceremony that’s more casual or alternative than classic, and you’ll want to explore what each of you is envisioning. If however, your answers to the questions above uncover some incompatible desires, you’ll want to find a way to honor your differences before you spread your big news. Should conflicts arise, remember to keep an open mind and open heart, and seek professional counsel if necessary.

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